Organic Garden

Friday, September 16, 2005

planting fall crops

early september, double dug 3A and planted king carrot seeds as well as easter egg raddishes. started broccoli in seedling flat. single dug 2D/border and transplanted some herbs, sweet basil, marjoram, spearmint, peppermint.

1A - staked up tomatoes better and folded into stake/wire cages. still producing plenty of fruit, even spreading into 1B

1B - beans are pretty much done, have harvested several jars already, maybe can get 1 more. potatoes are probably done, no more green shows. cucumbers are mostly done.. already have made 3 jars of pickle, and a few more remain.

1C - corn is drying out, all good ears are picked. some ears remain to collect seeds from

1D - strawberries making a comeback, very green now and spreading out, some fruits starting to appear. all greens have been harvested. have several bok choi pods to collect seeds from

2A - jalapenos doing well, many flowers and several fruits showing. black beans doing well, lots of full pods.

2B - summer squash is amazingly good crop. 1 watermelon is making it. several acorn squash as well