Organic Garden

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Growin', Plantin'

things are going pretty well..

plot A: several tomatoes are growing sizeable and should begin to produce fruit soon. onions are growing well, and we have already harvested some of the tops. chives are so-so, maybe not the right variety for this climate... but still quite tasty. carrots are growing like crazy, still yet to try harvesting. lots of little bushes all around that have more than doubled in size since planting.

plot B: first try at beans and cucumbers failed, too cold and some birds got in there and ate the bean sprouts. started new batch of beans in seedling boxes, and transplanted in.. looking good so far. also started cucumbers in seedling boxes, they are ready to transplant in.

plot C: added an inch or so of compost to the top, and then scatter-planted corn about 6-8 inch centers. plan to thin once they reach a good size, and plant potatoes all along the edges.

plot D: need to weed and cultivate... will attempt spinach and strawberry...

to do:
o pull weeds (especially from plot D)
o double-dig plot D
o plant potatoes, cucumbers, spinach, strawberries
o tie up any drooping plants
o re-organise watering system
o build last module onto compost heap
o turn compost with new weeds