Organic Garden

Saturday, June 18, 2005


planted some jalapenos from orchard in 2A. also some black beans that Mike started. pulled some weeds around and in 2A. no lentils ever sprouted.


1A: lots of tomatoes, none quite ready to eat. plenty of onions, carrots, chives. some leeks and garlic (still growing).

1B: bean pods are growing large, but beans inside are still small. cucumber plant is big, but no fruits or flowers. potatoes are doing well, and are producing flowers.

1C: corn is growing well, about 5' height. flowers are coming up in the centers of the larger plants. smaller plants are growing on the edges.

1D: big cabbage plants growing well. several strawberries harvested already, nice and sweet. bok choi also harvested well... and spinach.

2A: new plants

2B: small line of bok choi/cabbage growing well

2C: several squash started and doing well. some watermelons are sprouted and growing on the edges.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


last week:
finished weeding area 3, and thinned out apple tree in area 3. planted watermelon seeds around area 2, and squash inside area 2B and C. transplanted some greens into area 2, between A and B.

this week:
built gate up in front of garden. staked up some tomatoes and corn that was blown down by wind. several bean plants are flowering, and tomatoes are growing larger. today witnessed first squash plants peeking out of soil. tried to start some more lentis in seedling boxes.