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Friday, May 27, 2005

more dig

double-dug the rest of area 2, full texturising with compost and sand. rebuilt fence to encompass all of area 1 and 2. ready to finish fence around area 3 as well. area 3 started to weed, but need to finish it.

area 1 update:
A: tomatoes are coming! many fruits are seen, still very small tho. carrots and onions are doing great, have harvested many with great success. chives also taste great. yellow pepper plants look ok, but no sign of fruit or flowers.

B: bean plants are covering most of the lattices, but no flowers yet. several cucumber plants are doing quite well also. potatoes are the most suprising, growing into a rather large patch on both edges.

C: corn is growing well, taller ones are 12-18 inch now. tried planting new seeds along the edges, since transplants aren't doing well. need to feed.

D: many strawberries coming now.. they are still green tho. harvested some spinach leaves for a tasty salad, leaving room for more to grow. cabbage and bok choi are also coming, but hard to distinguish from weeds sometimes.

to do:
o weed area 3
o finish fence
o make gates
o plant area 2
o irrigate area 2
o transplant more bok choi and cabbage into less crowded 1D.. thin other parts.


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