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Saturday, February 26, 2005

dig dig dig dug

okee, the next 25 s.f. (plot B) is proving to be a back-breaker. there's a root system on top from some grass that was growing there before, and of course a redwood tree root system below. and of course it is just as clay-ey as plot A. argh. so i mixed in about 100 lb. of sand in plot A, and managed to break up a lot of the clods that were on top. then i spread out about 120 lb of sand on plot B, and dug it into the top layer (maybe 8-12" or so) and broke up quite a few clods. smoothed it with a rake and then added a layer of compost, and mixed that in. it was getting dark, so i called it a night.

bought about 16.5 lb of blood meal, and 4 lb of bone meal.. should be sufficient for this initial go at fertilisation.

to do:
o finish full texturising double-dig of plot B
o shape and fertilise plot A and B
o plant tomatoes and onions
o build compost bin


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