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Monday, February 28, 2005

tomatoes are planted...

as well as about 50 onions. aimed for 18" centers, but with 21 plants, and 25 square feet.. well u do the math. ended up going in a 3-2-3-2-3-2-3 pattern, starting at the top left and going to the bottom right with:

sun sugar (red) - Isis (white) - Azoychika (yellow beefsteak)
pink cherry - big zebra (green)
copia (red?) - black cherry - ghost (white)
green zebra - gold nugget
Dr Carolyn (white) - Snow white - Snow white
Snow white - Gold nugget
?? nugget - green zebra - green zebra
ghost - isis - bonus (runt)

of course, the planting in plot A was after double digging plot B, shaping the whole upper bed (A and B), and spreading fertilizer. first spread 4 lb of bone meal over the whole 50 s.f. then 3 boxes (1.5 kilo each) of blood meal over plot A only, getting an even distribution. then planted the tomatoes as described above, with interspersed onions between each 2 plants, and onions around the perimiter of the bed.

to do:
o weed and double dig plot C (full texturizing with sand and compost)
o shape, soil test, and fertilize plot B
o plant plot B with bean seeds, transplant some cucumbers as well
o build compost box


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