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Sunday, February 20, 2005

In the Beginning

OK... day 1 (saturday): cleared weeds around a 20x5 foot area in the yard. Started a compost pile in another corner with the weeds, some pine needles, ivy clippings, etc. Tried to compress the soil a bit around the 100 s.f. area, but it was too damp.

day 2 (today): weeded the upper 5 feet, then loosened the soil with a spading fork. Added a layer of compost acquired from local city compost site (2 burlap bags covered 25 s.f.). dug in the compost layer a bit, then did a full texturizing double dig. used about 1.5 more bags of compost in the trenches.

notes: next time use 2 bags of sand, the soil is very clay-ey. also wait for it to dry out a bit more.. very heavy. also get some leather gloves ... the cloth ones do nothing.

seedlings update: on thursday, planted baby carrot seeds and garlic chive seeds.. also received 12 cherry tomato plants of various types, about 4-6 inches high... planted in another box in honeycomb pattern.

to do:
o get a hard rake
o get leather gloves
o do soil tests
o determine fertilizer needs
o get fertilizer
o get large modular composter box
o get 5 more bags of compost


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